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The Moral Foundations Questionnaire

To find out your scores on the five foundations, please register at, and take the "Moral Foundations Questionnaire." If you would like a version of the MFQ that people can score for themselves, for example in a class or lecture on morality or politics, you can print this self-scorable MFQ30. (With thanks to Rev. Dirk van der Duim)

If you are a researcher and you want to collect data yourself, please use the MFQ30 (the 30 item Moral Foundations Questionnaire, revised in July 2008). You can use this item key to see which items go into each scale, and which get reversed or dropped. Basically, the items on each part rotate through the five foundations: HFIAP, HFIAP...

To analyze your data: if possible please use this spss file to enter your data. It contains the same variable names that we use, and will therefore facilitate sharing data. You can then use this spss syntax file to calculate scores on each of the 5 subscales, for each of the two parts of the scale.

The MFQ30 contains several improvements over the 41 item version we were using before July 2008, incluidng:
--Removal of 10 items that were not contributing well to measurement
--Refinement of 2 items that had multiple meanings or components
--Replacement of the old "astrology" item with 2 improved "catch" questions to remove people not responding seriously

If you must have a shorter version, you can use the MFQ20 (a 20 item version of the MFQ, with alphas that are slightly lower and with less breadth of conceptual coverage). Here is the item key, blank SPSS data file, and SPSS syntax file for the MFQ20. Please use the MFQ30 if at all possible. It's hard to get good measurement with just 4 items per foundation!

MFQ Translations:
Chinese - MFQ40, translated by Wenwei Guan, Ludan Zhang, Emma E. Buchtel, and Benjamin Cheung.
Dutch - MFQ30, translated by Florian van Leeuwen.
Polish - MFQ30, translated by Agata Basek and Anna Hoszcz. and by Anna Macko
Russian - MFQ20, translated by Leah Borovoi. [we still need the MFQ30]
Spanish -- MFQ30, translated by Paula Bedregal & Tomás León., U. Catolica de Chile. Email: pbedrega at gmail dot com.
Italian -- MFQ30, translated by Andrea Bobbio, Alessio Nencini and Mauro Sarrica.
Croatian -- MFQ30, translated by Darko Hren and Aleksandra Mišak. Email: dhren at ffst dot hr.

Want to translate the MFQ into your language? Please do! See here for guidelines. And see here for a google doc template that will facilitate translation and back-translation. If you want to add a language, contact us and we'll give you permission to edit it.

The Moral Foundations Sacredness Scale

You might also be interested in using the Moral Foundations Sacredness Scale, an instrument that ask people how much money they'd have to be paid to violate taboos related to each foundation. This scale causes stronger visceral moral reactions than the MFQ. Here are the items, sorted by foundation. We'll soon have other documents to support its use. To see how this scale looks when administered on the web, please go to, register, and take the “sacredness survey.”

(Last updated March 10, 2010)

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